Located in the heart of Sydney, Connection Student started 5 years ago, through the opportunity to share with the world the experience of studying abroad. Either language course or a degree, the company works to provide the best reference to our customers, making the experience of studying abroad a unique achievement. With a lot of commitment and innovation, we aim to provide not only the basics, but all necessary support to the student, from accommodation, documentation and assistance in outplacement.


To contribute to the personal and professional growth, transforming the experience of living in Australia unique and special.


Connection Student is committed to:

  • Advise on the most appropriate services to particular needs of each client
  • Provide opportunities to our costumers for growth and success.
  • Listening to customers and advising them in solving all the problems.
  • Build partnerships.
  • Integrating different cultures.
  • Honesty, integrity and equality with everyone.
  • Assist in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for customers.