Alt TextAustralia is a multicultural country and has about 23.7 million inhabitants, distributed mainly in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth respectively. It has been very popular among foreign students, known for its beauty, the country is located in the Australia continent and has lush landscape, which involves beautiful beaches, exotic animals and very green. The semi-arid climate prevails in most cities, as well as other countries of the South, cities further north are warmer and the country is known as one of the driest on the planet.


Did you know that the Australia capital is not Sydney? Canberra is the capital and it is located in the Victoria state.

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The Australian people are very receptive, about 47% of Australians are foreign or have foreign descent. This makes Australia a multicultural country and not having a predominant religion. On the work environment or among friends, Australians generally like to be called by their first name, but this informality does not extend to physical contact, so usually Australians greeting shaking hands. Punctuality its also important, so be punctual in your appointments and meetings.

According to surveys, 88% of Australians attending cultural events each year, many of them take place in parks and usually admission is free.


A few years ago Australia scored the second place in the list of countries with the best Human development (index which main variables includes education, salary and estimated life). Besides being a safe country to live in, Australia offers numerous opportunities. There are a huge demand for skilled labor and if you want to specialize abroad, Australia has some of the best universities in the world.

Food in Australia

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The kitchen in Australia is very sophisticated and greatly influenced by the Asian and European culture. There is not a typical Australian dish, but here you can find pretty much every kind of dish. Australian agriculture and one of the most efficient in the world, vegetables, fruits, grains and meats have high quality and are part of the daily diet of Australians.


Alt TextAustralians love sports, they are very competitive and love exercising. Cricket and rugby are the most popular, in addition, Australia provides a great environment for practicing any sport. There are several parks, clubs and gyms around the country, all with good infrastructure, such as toilets, changing rooms and water fountains.